State grant will pay for Washington County Airport taxiway, road relocation

Barbara Miller

Washington County Airport is one of 14 airports in Pennsylvania to receive state dollars through the Aviation Transportation Assistance Program for a $2 million project that includes safety improvements where the runway meets road.

William McGowen, executive director of Washington County Redevelopment Authority, which oversees the airport, said the county has an obligation to match one quarter of the state grant of taxpayers’ money, bringing the total investment to $2.5 million.

“That’s good news for the airport,” McGowen said of additional development on the facility’s south side.

“It will allow us more apron space and more space to build T-hangars and other hangars and to relocate an access road to make it safer by separating airplanes and cars.”

The project, which is now being designed, will be in South Franklin Township. The former roadway space will be used to create a taxiway and poured concrete pads for as many as four hangars.

The area was formerly known as the Sollon property. Environmental impact is also under consideration, including a stormwater management plan.

The county could seek bids as early as this summer on construction, which would likely begin next year.