Peacock Keller to move its main office to West Beau in 2020

Rick Shrum
Observer Reporter

Peacock Keller LLP will have a new home in the new year. And the moving vans won’t be going far.

The 94-year-old law firm will be relocating its main office from 70 E. Beau St., Washington, to 95 W. Beau in the city – the Crossroads Building. The change, according to a news release from the firm, is projected to take place in early 2020.

There is a space awaiting Peacock Keller employees, one that until recently was occupied by the company that will be the law firm’s landlord. Millcraft Investments, which built, owns and manages the Crossroads building, has relocated its headquarters to Southpointe. Millcraft began operations at 380 Southpointe Blvd. on Monday.

Peacock Keller will take over a 12,000-square-foot space on the sixth floor of Crossroads Center, a transition that most, if not all, of the 45 employees will likely applaud. They are a bit cramped in their current digs.

When the firm moved from the Washington Trust Building to East Beau in April 1964, it had four attorneys, three secretaries and support personnel. That new set of offices, according to a news release from managing partner Andrew Chumney, “was designed and built from an American Bar Association model plan for a firm with seven lawyers.”

Although the Washington location has been expanded and remodeled several times over the past 55 years, 19 attorneys and 26 staffers are doing business there now.

That move crosstown to Crossroads is not Peacock Keller’s only endeavor to expand in the near future. The firm next month will open a Southpointe office on the fourth floor of 4000 Town Center Blvd., to be staffed full time by three lawyers. Employees will have 3,500 square feet in which to work.

It will be at least six months before Peacock Keller is operating in the Crossroads Center, and, according to Chumney, the firm is using that time to design “the layout and functionality” of its future workspace.

“We not only took into consideration the firm’s current needs,” he said, “but looked to see where we could improve efficiencies, connectivity and space for our employees and clients to allow for growth into the future.”

The firm also has offices in Bridgeville, Claysville and Waynesburg.