Mylan wants to build 1,407-space parking garage for Southpointe headquarters

Tim Schooley
Pittsburgh Business Times

Mylan NV is planning to build a 1,407-space parking garage to serve its headquarters at Southpointe II.

The company recently submitted an application for the new four-story garage to Cecil Township.

“We have a formal application pending at this point,” said Bruce Bosle, the director of planning and zoning for Cecil.

Bosle added the garage was originally part of the plan for Mylan’s headquarters when it was first built but the company opted to only go forward with the new office building at the time.

When the surface parking to be incorporated into the garage is subtracted from the 1,407-space total, Bosle said the garage would add a total of 1,035 parking spaces to Mylan’s headquarters campus.

Bosle said that Mylan (Nasdaq: MYL) projects the new parking structure will cost $14 million to build.

Mylan first moved into its new 270,0000-square-foot building, called the Robert J. Coury Global Center, from a smaller office elsewhere at Southpointe in 2013.

Cecil Township has no indication from Mylan that the garage proposal is part of a larger plan by the generic drug company to build a second building as part of a larger expansion plan.

But the garage plan comes after Mylan bought a neighboring 11-acre parcel for $9.2 million last May, according to the Washington Observer-Reporter, leading to speculation among close Southpointe observers that a headquarters expansion may be in the works there by Mylan. Mylan’s real estate dealings regarding its headquarters campus generated major press scrutiny last July when it was revealed the company hadn’t revealed ties in the land deal to Rodney Piatt, principal of Horizon Property Group, and a director of Mylan.

A spokesperson for Mylan wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Bosle said Mylan’s application for the new garage is scheduled to appear before the Cecil Planning Commission in March.

Mylan has said that it employs about 900 people at its headquarters campus.