Meadows Racetrack & Casino undergoing renovation as it adds sportsbook

Luke Torrance
Pittsburgh Business Times

Major changes are taking place at Washington County's Meadows Racetrack & Casino as it prepares to open its first sportsbook.

Large sections of the casino are being closed for renovation, according to a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The Vice lounge closed several weeks ago for the construction of a new sports-betting facility at the casino. The food court was closed last month for the installation of a four-restaurant concept by celebrity chef Fabio Viviani. The slot machines will undergo a complete reconfiguration on the gaming floor next week, which is expected to be completed by November. The Headliners lounge is expected to close in October to allow for three months of construction that will add seating and make other renovations.

Meadows general manager Tony Frabbiele told the Post-Gazette that the renovations were touching just about every part of the gaming and non-gaming floor and that he wanted the casino to feel like a whole new experience for customers.

The Meadows filed for a sportsbook license with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board on July 3, according to the Post-Gazette. The plan is to keep Vibe's U-shaped bar and install new seating, large TV screens and five teller cages for placing wagers.

The casino still needs to make a presentation to the gaming board and, once approved, pay a $10 million fee. The new equipment will then have to be tested to make sure everything is operating smoothly. Because these things are still pending, an opening date for the sportsbook has not been announced.