Indigo Yoga Loft setting up in city for the health of it

Rick Shrum

Jill Sansom liked the environment and the timing.

“It feels like an up-and-coming area and we’re getting on the ground floor,” Sansom said of downtown Washington, where she and fellow co-owner Matt Baker plan to open a second Indigo Yoga Loft location in less than two weeks.

They are finishing renovations at 31 E. Wheeling St., formerly occupied by Talerico’s – A Vintage Gallery and, before that, a coffee shop. “We’re not quite ready inside,” Sansom said last week.

The yoga facility is targeted to launch Oct. 4. “That’s a First Friday and we need to have our doors open for foot traffic,” Sansom said. (October Friday Friday is not longe scheduled)

Classes are scheduled to begin the next morning, and class times – she advised – will be posted at the business website, Seven certified instructors are on staff, and will handle sessions on the first floor of a building with abbreviated space on the second.

The first week of classes will be complimentary, and after that, Sansom and Baker will offer a “new client special” enabling members to take unlimited classes within 30 days for $30.

Baker said the owner of the building has a construction team that handled many of the indoor renovations, while he and Sansom have painted and handled other tasks.

Indigo Yoga Loft came into being in March 2017, when it opened in the Mayview Professional Building on Mayview Road in South Fayette Township. That’s about 300 yards from the Washington County line. The owners are now expanding inside that line, thanks largely to Sansom’s familiarity with the turf.

She resides in Eighty Four, shuttled a recently graduated daughter to and from Washington & Jefferson College, and has volunteered with the county’s CASA for Kids Inc. for the past five years.

Sansom is quite comfortable with opening a studio on East Wheeling Street, which she said is “accessible” and near “other great businesses.” She is impressed by the number of other businesses that have opened in the vicinity, especially along South Main Street.

“We’re highlighting the fact that we feel incredibly welcome in Washington, whether we do it by email or in person. We want people to know we have something for everybody.”