Henry F. Teichmann Inc. acquires E.W. Bowman

Glass engineering and construction company Henry F. Teichmann Inc. acquired the glass annealing lehr operations from manufacturer E.W. Bowman Inc. of Uniontown.

The acquisition was completed May 26, and announced June 9.

Bowman, which ceased operations in February, specializes in annealing and decorating lehrs for holloware, lighting and television glass.

Teichmann and Bowman have served the glass industry worldwide for decades, with Teichmann celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2017.

Teichmann’s president Mark F. Piedmonte indicated the addition of E.W. Bowman Lehrs will enhance the company’s ability to serve its clients worldwide, especially in the container glass sector.

“We will continue as a leader in all areas of the glass manufacturing industry worldwide, offering turn-key engineering, construction and service solutions for glass melting furnaces, glass batching and production equipment and E.W. Bowman annealing lehrs.”

Teichmann is currently expanding its McMurray headquarters, and will operate the Teichmann and Bowman Lehr operations from that location.