Corsa Coal to double office space at Southpointe

Paul J. Gough
Pittsburgh Business Times 

Corsa Coal Corp. has plans to double its headquarters space at Southpointe to accommodate growth plans following the June opening of its Acosta mine near Somerset and a new mine in Berlin, Pa., next year.

Corsa CEO George Dethlefsen confirmed to the Pittsburgh Business Times on Tuesday afternoon that Corsa Coal (TSVX: CSO) would be leaving its offices at 125 Technology Drive in the next few months for bigger space at 600 J. Barry Court on the other side of Southpointe. Corsa will move from about 4,000 square feet now to about 9,500 square feet, Dethlefsen said.

"It'll give us room for potential expansion in the future," he said.

The move is expected within the next several months.

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Corsa made national and international headlines over the summer with the opening of the Acosta Mine, a deep mine that was celebrated as the first new coal mine to open during the Trump administration. The company has about 400 employees all told at all of its facilities, including the Acosta Mine; seven employees work at the headquarters.