$6.1 million Independence-Cross Creek sewer upgrades moving forward

David Singer
Observer Reporter

Independence-Cross Creek Joint Authority approved a $6.1 million sewer upgrade for 126 homes.

By a 4-1-1 margin in a Sept. 19 vote, Board Chairman Rob Gagliani said it’s been a long road.

“The people need it. It’s been a lot of years working on it, so we’re happy that this is finally moving forward,” Gagliani said.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection spokesman John Poister said the project will be funded in part through a $5.5 million Pennvest loan, but the loan has not been closed, leaving a timeline uncertain.

“One hundred homes will be served in Independence Village, 26 additional homes in Cross Creek Village,” Poister said.

Board solicitor Lane Turturice did not respond to multiple requests for comment about project details, saying he was not authorized to speak about it.

According to DEP records, the tap-in fees will be $850. And the rate for loan repayment is scheduled to be $60.76 for the first six years before increasing to $65.08.