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Business Assistance

The Washington County Chamber of Commerce leads a dynamicpublic/private partnership that focuses on county-wide business growth andexpansion. The Chamber helps companieswith site selection, financing, and incentive assistance.

Site Assistance

Site Location Assistance

Washington County offers a full range of site options, frombusiness parks with pad ready sites for your construction project to availablelease space to meet your more immediate needs. Learn more about our business parks or use our custom property searchtool to locate a site that will meet your specific requirements.


Incentives & Programs

The Chamber is committed to providing companies with theresources needed to insure success. Learnmore about the incentives Washington County and Commonwealth of Pennsylvaniahave available to businesses that expand or locate in the county.



Learn more about the statistics that make Washington County Pennsylvania the perfect place to grow your business.


News & Announcements

Read about Washington County’s business environment as wellas the companies that are locating and expanding in the county.